Each of our Chocolatiers are different in their style, flair and creativity, so when you purchase one of our handcrafted and hand-painted Easter products no two will ever be the same. Each brushstroke, splatter, line or swirl will vary and 
will be as individual as the person you are buying them for.

​Shocolate™ are a Melbourne based chocolate company that uses Belgian couverture chocolate to create unique and boutique

chocolate products. 


Shocolate's macarons are madepreservative free, gluten free and artificial flavoured free. We were awarded Melbourne best chocolate macaron for our Black and White Macaron a crispy yet tender French style biscuit, centered with 75% Tanzanian origin dark chocolate with a whipped white chocolate ganache flavoured with fresh Madagascan vanilla bean. When it contains chocolate we know how to perfect it!

Boutique Bars

We are excited about our new signature bars that take creativity and chocolate to new places. with flavours like strawberry, white chocolate and balsamic vinegar as well as passionfruit, cinnamon and milk chocolate we are sure that we can convince you that chocolate is about to evolve in a big way!.

Timber Boxes

How big does your thank you need to be? With our 8,16,32 and 48 piece timber box sets no matter what the occasion you will be able to let your friends, family colleagues or loved one know how much they mean to you. Each timber box contains an assortment of unique flavours from fresh mint and strawberry and lime to Thyme, honey and lemon zest there is a flavour for everybody.

Indulgence Range

Shocolate™ has a large variety of products but for the chocolate enthusiast our Indulgence range offers a bag full of bliss. Try our slow dried oranges enrobed in dark belgian couverture finished with a hand painted shimmer or our hand piped mendicants  with iranian pistachio, raisins, orange candid and crystallised violet. 

Seasonal Range