Handcrafted chocolate pieces in an elegant timber arrangement


Our handmade chocolate pieces consist of utilising the freshest ingredients, from fresh mint and Basil leaves, passionfruit, Australian produced honey and even mango. Our artisanal chocolatiers can get very creative and have even used vegemite an Australian favourite to create the concept of sweet and savoury the perfect balance for our Belgian blend.

Shocolate award winning handmande chocolate creations are made with no preservatives or artificial flavouring and we will not substitute the real taste and quality by using shelf life extenders in our chocolates, therefore our chocolate shelf life is much shorter than commercial or mass produced chocolate. Our chocolate gift boxes consist of chocolates that taste as true as the ingredient on hand. Our ganaches and pralines are all made with fresh cream and are regularly made to ensure we offer you the freshest chocolates you will buy anywhere.

By pushing the boundaries of pairing Belgian's best couveture chocolate with fresh ingredients we have been able to create stunning handcrafted pieces comprising of  flavours like Passionfruit, Basil, Irish Whiskey and even Vegemite.