​After 6 months of trials, tests and tastebud tantalisation chocolate releases hand tempered chocolate specifically designed for your cheese platter.

Chocolate For Cheese

What is it and how does it work??

When you describe the taste and texture of chocolate you would use words like smooth, creamy, decadent, velvety, rich, bold, sweet, crumbly and even delicate. On the other hand when you describe cheese you would use words like smooth, creamy, decadent,velvety, rich, bold, sweet , crumbly and even delicate. No, you haven’t just read the same line twice you have realised that chocolate and cheese have a lot in more in common than you first thought, however if you are one of those people that believe opposites attract you would also be right as this savoury and sweet combination are perfect for pairing.

Combining hand tempered belgian couverture chocolate with spices, fruits and nuts chocolate for cheese is the perfect pair with many of your favourite cheeses and a mouthwatering addition to any cheese platter. Simply snap our blend of Belgians finest, spread or place a slice of your favourite cheese on top and eat them together for a simply unique experience. Our whole enrobed figs in dark couverture chocolate with a goats cheese add a drizzle of honey, fennel seed with blue cheese and walnut and cardamom with soft cheese are just some of the combinations that have Shocolate excited about this pairing of two culinary delights. 

Because everyones palates are different there are no rules when it comes to pairing chocolate with cheese however we have discovered that there are definite combinations that are loved by many. There is no right way to eat Chocolate for Cheese some of us have tried it on crackers with cheese, under crackers with cheese, on sliced cheese, between sliced cheese and even by itself